Primato's mission is to design and manufacture cooking systems and other items related to modern catering by responding to demands for mobility, while ensuring maximum performance in terms of performance and versatility. Accelerate the transition to a world of sustainable energy sources.


Fifty years of history have allowed us to know how to tame fire.

Fifty years of history have allowed us to know how to tame fire. For fifty years this has been our only goal. Fifty years dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. Fifty years dedicated to listening to our customers with the aim of responding to their needs, often anticipating them. It took fifty years to allow us to break the mould, to go beyond the limits of our limits.

Get ready to conquer new territories, forget conventions, discover Primacy.

Simone Paterno

Primato forno a pellet per pizza

Primato is a
responsible project.

Primato was born with the intention of demonstrating that there is no need to compromise when it comes to mobility and sustainability.


A Primato Engineer knows that the road to excellence is winding, there are no tricks, we must not be satisfied. We know that you love performance and you are the first to limit yourself.


You don't have to go indoors to protect yourself. The Primato range is designed to expand the boundaries of your premises, allowing you to conquer new territories is our challenge.

Customer First

If you listen to someone, don't you listen to your feelings? For us as for you, the customer comes first. Only in this way can a relationship based on mutual trust and loyalty be created.

Share the Planet

We believe that environmental sustainability is the most important challenge in this century. Primato's advanced technology allows for low energy consumption combined with low emissions.

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