Model L Heat

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simple pellet

Adi Design Index 2019
Model L Misure

You will have perfect combustion and gasification with low emissions to admire. Ecological, innovative and unique products.

MODEL L HEAT with the simple replacement of the upper dome and the positioning of one of the 2 domes (Standard and XL) it is possible to convey the heat generated by MODEL L downwards, in order to provide a pleasant sensation of comfort and warmth, particularly appreciated in installations with table and stool set.

Easy and practical loading

Pellet step 1

It is possible to use any type of pellet with a diameter of 6mm.

Pellet step 2

Load the pellets into the burner and apply Ecofire Gel for quick ignition.

Pellet step 3

Insert the burner into the combustion chamber using the practical handle.

Pellet step 4

Connect the Power Bank and wait for the green verification light.

Model L Heat Design Esterni
Model L Heat Design Casa

management costs

Automatic operation management for the entire duration of the work cycle. Using an economical, ecological and harmless fuel, it can be used in public and private places for outdoor use (terraces, porches, city gardens), as it is not subject to UNI regulations for LPG.

A modular product according to your needs

Select the components of your Model L Heat

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