Model F75

The Fry top that
changes the rules

Imagine to be able to cook your dishes wherever you are, without having to think about how to connect and power your Fry top, without restrictions, without limits, in complete safety and absolute respect for the environment.


Maximum performance thanks to the power produced by pyrolytic combustion.


Portable, easy to install, it does not require masonry work, connection to electricity or gas pipe and does not require a flue.


Useful cooking surface 80x70 cm.


Easy to clean, thanks to the container that collects the cooking liquids


Model F75 is made entirely of stainless steel. On request, with a surcharge, the central drawer, where the display is located, can be painted in one of the 10 colors available in the catalog.


Model F75 exploits the pyrolytic combustion process in all its configurations, with an initial charge of 6 Kg of Primato pellets it guarantees an autonomy of up to 4 hours.

Fry top capacity

Model F75 is a pellet fry top capable of reaching temperature very quickly thanks to the calorific power produced by the pyro-gasification combustion process. It can reach 220 °C in 30 minutes and 130 °C in just 15 minutes, considerably shortening the waiting times from ignition to cooking. The large plate also guarantees a significant hourly production, allowing practical and fast cooking even of large quantities of food.

Minimal management costs

1/8 of the electricity cost, thanks to the Primato pellet power supply.

of the central drawer


Chevron up