Model L Core Misure

Model L Core

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simple pellet

An ecological, innovative and unique product

The 2020 limited edition finally joins the Primato range. Core represents the essence of the vision that Primato wants to give to its idea of fire. Innovative technology meets the most sophisticated design. Available in Titanium color and in true Corten.

Easy and practical loading

Pellet step 1

It is possible to use any type of pellet with a diameter of 6mm.

Pellet step 2

Load the pellets into the burner and apply Ecofire Gel for quick ignition.

Pellet step 3

Insert the burner into the combustion chamber using the practical handle.

Pellet step 4

Connect the Power Bank and wait for the green verification light.

management costs

Automatic operation management for the entire duration of the work cycle. Using an economical, ecological and harmless fuel, it can be used in public and private places for outdoor use (terraces, porches, city gardens), as it is not subject to UNI regulations for LPG.

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